The NFHS on-line test is now open and YOU WILL NEED TO COMPLETE YOUR TEST BY AUGUST 13, 2017 at which time the test will close. Please click here to view directions for how to register and take the on-line test (PDF). Once you have completed your test, please bring a copy (paper or electronic) of your test score to one of the pre-season meeting dates.  You can also email your test score to Kent Sellner at niskyump@gmail.com.

REMINDER, PASSING SCORE FOR A VARSITY OFFICIAL IS AN 85 OR BETTER. You have up to 99 attempts to score an 85. Non-Varsity passing score is a 70.

Upcoming Meeting Dates

Please click on Meeting Schedule to see the dates of the upcoming meetings for the 2017 season.

Warmups now available

For members looking to purchase our warm-ups from Boathouse, go to this website to order: www.boathouseteamstores.com/ebasoa

How to join EBASOA

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Tom Brin and John Harms